Introducing the Razorfashion Retail Experience

May 15, 2009 by in Experience Design, Multi-touch, Portfolio, Touchscreen

Our team has developed an application built on the new Razorfish Touch Framework called Razorfashion. It demonstrates how we believe retailers can meet shoppers growing expectations for more engaging digital experiences in-store and provide a consistent, integrated experience across the multi-channel shopping ecosystem.

Watch the above video as we walk you through the Razorfashion experience.

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model photo credit: *katanaz-stock


    User Comments

    • Dane Storrusten Today

      Wow, very cool experience guys, and looks great too! Aggregating the right activities in a retail experience is SO key and such an untapped area due to the fact that marketing teams drive most of the experiences – which tend to be over-biased to branding rather than a great shopping experience.

      Keep up the good work!

    • Bob En-Weave Today

      this is pretty outstanding. nice work.

    • byron Today

      wow… mind blowing. Taking the best of the iPhone and Surface and making it usable and fun.

    • James Mason Today

      wow, this is totally awesome. nice work!

    • Arun Mistry Today

      Pretty cool stuff. Next step is to do away with change rooms all together with consumers being able to “try on” their favourite garments/accessories on screen. The Surface should be able to take a photo of the customer and then let them choose items to dress their image with.

    • wadood Rahman Today

      Awesome work , to extend the picture upload feature the experience also collects basic info about the user height/ weight etc. so that the system can provide decision on size/fittings, also provides an option to change the background environment to show how the consumer will look in different social environment ( Office, party , shopping) with the outfit. user will be able to take the final looks/picture with the selected outfit share it with the friends and family. I see a total consumer multiple engagement opportunity.

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