Audi Car Configurator on Surface

Sep 28, 2009 by in Microsoft Surface, Multi-touch, Portfolio, Technology

Neue Digitale / Razorfish developed the first realtime 3d configurator for Microsoft Surface which was showcased at this year’s IAA – the world’s leading automotive fair.

Developed in collaboration with Realtime Technology AG, the application allows multiple users to configure an Audi A4 simultaneously by changing the car’s paint finishes, rims and by selecting and coloring style package components. The configured A4 is experienced in an immersive 3d environment, in which users can navigate seamlessly by zooming and panning using a multitouch-enabled interface. Special perspectives allow a more detailed view for specific components, for example for configuring rims or taking a closer look at interior details.

To control the actual car configuration process users can place multilingual tokens on the table. All available options appear around the token and can be selected by touching or rotating the physical token.

The final car configuration is projected on an external High Definition display, attracting and engaging other visitors.


    User Comments

    • cyancdesign Today

      Very nice. And I really like that flip orientation gesture at the end. I seems that there is a little lag every so often, would you upgrade the hardware on Surface for specific clients like AUDI to ensure optimal performance?

    • Heiko Schweickhardt Today

      We’re using a dedicated render-server – please see my comment on vimeo.

    • octopus Today

      is it developed using WPF or XNA approach?

    • 2011 Jetta Today

      That is pretty slick — need to try it out for real

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