Finding Things to Project On

Nov 16, 2011 by in Experience Design, Technology

Occassionally we get downtime on the Emerging Experiences team — but not very much.  After a recent project we decided to play with some of the technology we have lying around.  One of our favorite toys for 2012 is the high-end projector (pick yours up for Christmas now!).  With a powerful projector you can create great interactive experiences on glass, on store windows, on mist, on water and so on.  When a projector is pointed at a flat surface, it creates the illusion of depth.  Lately we have been playing with the idea of shining a projector on surfaces that already have depth.  Next step — hooking this up to an array of Kinect sensors to see what projecting on 3D surfaces that interact with 3D depth cameras will look like.


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    • Daniel Today

      Did you ever implement the Kinect part of it? This sounds very promising. Also, what is the name of the projector? Thanks!

    • Deavon Barlow Today


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