About who are we? why do we do this?

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As a customer, what’s the last thing you experienced that was actually new? Was it new or just different, perhaps repackaged? Did the experience end there or did it live on? Did you ask: OK, now what? Today, customers interact either online or offline; rarely do these interactions effectively meet. These disparate, point-in-time interactions have a short life expectancy and often leave your customers with a perception of utility as opposed to an experience. Changing perception is not easy with all the noise in today’s media; you need “effective innovation” to get the customer’s attention.

How do we do it? We deploy a cross-functional team of strategy, experience design and technology skills to see a project through from concept to implementation. We are leaders in digital ecosystem thinking and understand its benefits, risks and pitfalls. We bring innovative ideas to the table and an approach that includes close collaboration with our clients to ensure our solutions are grounded in the realties of the business.

Founded in 2008, Razorfish Emerging Experiences is a cross-functional team composed of strategists, artists, experience designers, and technologists. We’re part of the Razorfish Strategy & Innovation practice led by Shannon Denton. Jonathan Hull is the managing director of the team, Steve Dawson is the technology lead and Luke Hamilton is the creative lead.