The Biggest Idea in Retail is Actually Pretty Small

Shrink the box and fill it with magic. There are big reasons to shrink the retail experience: it’s faster, smarter and more efficient. It allows brands to deliver nimble, custom installations that immerse consumers in moments of pure joy and education. The experience is personal, mobile and social. In other words, the small box rocks.

You’re everything to everyone.
(But don’t get a big head about it.)

How do you make omni-channel mean more? Convert your consumers into brand evangelists by empowering them with deeper engagement experiences that lead directly to the purchase funnel. That’s the secret.

What’s behind the curtain…

We don’t just make brilliant software solutions; we build and craft and the systems that get everything talking. That’s the Razorfish 5D Retail Platform: a complete and connected support system. It enables brands to draw-in consumers with emotionally-driven, customizable experiences that transform retail into theatre. It puts power in the hands of associates, and facilitates instant gratification and same-day fulfillment. Razorfish 5D is the method behind the magic

The future of retail isn’t just about specific technologies, trends or tactics; it’s about creating moments that put customers at the center of your brand. We create platforms that can power amazing experiences, the data to make them intelligent, and a breadth of channels to make them scalable. Using these tools enables you to create better and more thoughtful ways of connecting with people, creating limitless possibilities and extraordinary experiences.

Sun, Surface and Surfboards

  • With RZRShop, we demonstrate how digital can help minimize inventory and maximize floor space with a fully interactive and connected retail experience.

  • Digital meets physical with the Perceptive Pixel-powered, surfboard designer that comes to life right before your eyes projection mapped onto actual surfboards within the container.

  • Explore the magic of some of the world’s most iconic beaches, hang ten with your board and capture the moment with our Kinectagram augmented reality experience. It’s the perfect way to allow consumers to celebrate and share their creation in real-time.

Want to experiment with smaller formats that allow your brand to jump into new places and tailor products to different customers? You need a hook. An emotional connection. A rich story. So consumers don’t just experience it, they live it. Transport them with the visual story. Put them on the sand. In the sun. Whatever the environment, we can make it happen.

Because we thirst for immediate gratification.

  • Get your consumers so engaged they perspire. RZRShop’s Kinect-driven beach soccer game is a dual-screen experience that gives retail associates the tools they need to connect with consumers.

  • The game is connected to a reward system where product is vended according to the consumer’s level of play. Their participation becomes their currency. In this case, for a product family of our own RZRSport beverage line.

RzrShop embodies scalability. Open up our custom container and you’ll find an entire event-level, mobile shopping experience.

With simultaneous HD streams to locations across the container, RZRShop supports fully connected interactivity. It drives multi-touch projections onto 3D surfaces and enables gesture-driven gaming that’s connected to a smart vending experience. The Wi-Fi capability included within the container allows for connectivity with store associate tablets to enable a variety of scenarios including co-browsing, lead capture and mobile checkout. The Razorfish 5D Retail Platform provides seamless synchronization across all devices.


The Razorfish 5D platform seamlessly connects a variety of digital devices to better attract consumers into retail environments, drive product engagement and arm store associates with more-contextualized digital tools. The end result is a fun and personal experience, the way shopping should be.

Explore Razorfish 5D at emergingexperiences.com/5D


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