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5D at Oracle OpenWorld

Oct 30, 2012 by in 5D, Microsoft Kinect, Microsoft Surface, Touchscreen

In early October, the Emerging Experiences practice’s San Francisco office brought our Razorfish 5D retail platform to Oracle OpenWorld. Within this global event was the first ever Customer Experience Summit. This event gathered industry leaders together to discuss strategies for driving customer-centric initiatives while interacting with some of the most future-forward experiences and minds.

Emerging Experiences set up our Razorfish 5D retail experience in beautiful Union Square park. We demonstrated how a seamless customer journey can cross over touch tables, gestural sensors, digital screens, tablets and mobile apps to transform the retail experience.

The 5D installation for Oracle CX showed how each element of the contemporary brick-and-mortar store can be enhanced and streamlined. Digital displays, smartphones and HD touch tables communicated with each other to provide infinite shelves as well as an immersive experience to tell the stories behind the store brands.

Tablet software provided store associates with the opportunity to not only help shoppers select items, but even interact with their customer’s smartphones. The 5D retail experience also demonstrated how virtual dressing rooms with augmented reality can enhance the retail experience. Each of these touch-points in turn generates massive amounts of data about the sales process.

Sharing our retail story with the attendees at the Oracle Customer Experience Summit was both extremely rewarding and entertaining. We look forward to returning next year.

Windows Phone 7 Launch – Behind the Scenes Video

May 25, 2010 by in Multi-touch, Portfolio, Technology, Touchscreen

Our team was asked to help launch the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 project at Mobile World Congress 2010. The project was a whirlwind experience – starting with 5 weeks of design/development and 11 days of deployment and support that spanned 2 continents and countless late nights. It was all worth it when Steve Ballmer made the introduction and we were all a part of history as the next generation in mobile experiences was announced to the 50k MWC attendees and a larger worldwide audience.  The people lucky enough to be in attendance couldn’t wait to get their hands on the experience we built.

We setup 10 touchscreens in 2 locations and the experiences were in constant use. Microsoft has since taken the touchscreens to countless other events including MIX10, SXSW 2010, CES, CTIA and many many more.

In addition to the touchscreen experiences, we also worked with our Seattle team to produce a microsite experience that would allow those not in attendance to get a taste of the phone.

Windows Phone 7 Series Launch – Day 3

Feb 18, 2010 by in Mobile, Multi-touch, News, Portfolio

Before we left for the evening, we recorded a quick walkthrough of the Windows Phone booth and EMC (Executive Meeting Center) locations where we have touch experiences deployed to support the Windows Phone 7 Series launch event.

Members of the press and blogging community have been recording video of the experience throughout the conference. These videos have begun appearing online – here are a couple of the videos we’ve found:

Razorfone: Simplifying Buying Decisions in Retail

Nov 23, 2009 by in Experience Design, Multi-touch, Portfolio, Touchscreen


Customers are being faced with increasingly complex buying decisions, especially when it comes to technology and services. As a result, increased pressure is being placed on store associates to provide knowledgeable service to customers. Our Emerging Experiences team used this opportunity to develop a solution to demonstrate how an immersive interactive experience can assist customers and store associates with complex buying decisions in a retail setting.

The Razorfone solution is focused around providing an experience where customers can learn about wireless products. Phone and netbook features and associated wireless plans are presented in a rich interactive environment. Accessories are presented to the customer as a cross-sell opportunity. The use of 3D allows for customers to view their device in any color and from any angle, regardless of availability of the physical device within the retail store. The customer can validate the wireless coverage where they live, work and play through the use of the interactive coverage map using simple pan and zoom gestures. Customers can personalize their device after purchase with ringtones, games and applications through the use of QR technology, increasing sales and helping to eliminate buyers remorse.

As the complexity of technology and service offerings increases, training store associates on these products and services can be expensive and ineffective. In addition, the turnover rate in retail can have a negative effect on the number of knowledgable store associates. In an assisted-sales scenario, the store associates can focus on being brand ambassadors while the experience provides the information the customer needs to make informed decisions about the wireless products.

Watch the above video as we walk you through the Razorfone experience. We’d love to hear your feedback!


Razorfish & Audi Take Windows 7 for a Spin!

Nov 05, 2009 by in Multi-touch, News, Touchscreen

Windows 7 Launch Event, Germany


The Razorfish EE team has been kicking the tires on Windows 7 for almost a year prior to product launch. With great success we’ve been running the Razorfish Touch Framework (RTF) on Windows 7 across a number of multi-touch displays. Recently our Neue Digitale office in Germany had the opportunity to port the Audi Configurator Surface experience to Windows 7 for the Windows 7 launch event. Utilizing the RTF, the team was able to bring the Microsoft Surface experience to Windows 7 in under a week. This makes the Audi Configurator, not only the first Windows 7 multi-touch application on the German market, but also a tool which is hardware independent and can be installed on a variety of multi-touch enabled devices.


Windows 7 Launch Event


We also had the opportunity to test drive with an experimental multi-touch hardware device named “dreaMTouch” manufactured by Elektrosil Systeme der Elektronik GmbH for the Windows 7 launch. We recently worked with the device for the DMEXCO (Digital Marketing Exposition Conference) in Germany where we showcased the Razorfashion application and our other multi-touch experiences. The device supports an incredible 32 simultaneous touches on a 46″ screen. The device itself only measures a few inches thick. The dreaMTouch is now available for purchase.


Windows 7 Launch EventWindows 7 Launch Event


Check out more pictures of the Windows 7 Launch Event featuring the Audi Car Configurator.

AT&T Surface Launch Anniversary

Apr 15, 2009 by in Microsoft Surface, News

We just passed the one year anniversary of the launch of the AT&T Surface Experience – the first public deployment of Microsoft Surface. To celebrate the anniversary, we are posting some behind-the-scenes pictures of the launch.

AT&T Surface LaunchAT&T Surface Launch

The teams on launch night consisted of representatives from AT&T, Microsoft and Razorfish. The launch night activities included unpacking and setup of the Surface devices, construction of the fixtures, installation of the Surface application and the deployment of the Surface application content from the centralized content management system. Despite some network glitches and last-minute content changes, the launch was a huge success. Each location opened their doors the following morning to a wave of customers and media.

AT&T Surface Launch Pictures

AT&T Surface LaunchAT&T Surface LaunchAT&T Surface Launch

Microsoft Surface Financial Services

Oct 26, 2008 by in Microsoft Surface, Multi-touch, Portfolio

Microsoft Surface Financial Services application is a joint development between Microsoft and Razorfish. It is an innovative and engaging solution to present banking products to customers within a rich multi-touch experience. It is the first application to receive the official Surface certification and is now available on the Surface partner community site. Check out the video below for a quick walkthrough of the key features of the application.

The experience is deployed in the lobby of bank branch locations. The application introduces you to the full range of financial products by guiding you through the process of selecting the financial products or life tasks that represent the 360-degree view of your financial world. While waiting for a bank associate, the Surface application can begin the process of education and can provide a rich interactive and engaging experience compared to traditional financial brochures and inserts.

Various bowls of tokens are provided at each Surface table – the tokens are customizable, cheap and easy to produce. The tokens not only drive the experience on Surface through the use of object recognition – they also serve to provide a branding piece that customers will take out of the bank location. The tokens serve as a topic of discussion with friends and family about the Surface experience at the banking location – this makes the experience inherently “social” by encouraging word-of-mouth discussions around the application and the financial services products. The tokens also serve as a reminder to the customer to get in touch with their bank representative – this can be encouraged by providing the bank branch phone numbers on each token.


As the customer interacts with the application, they are guided through the process of  building their financial profile from the broad array of financial services products. Once a banking associate is available, they can sit with the customer and begin discussing the products that are of interest to the customer. The application takes advantage of the social aspects of Microsoft Surface by allowing for collaboration between the customer and bank executive through the use of user experience design concepts. Interactive content like videos and financial calculators are provided in the experience with the ability to extend the Surface content through the use of mobile integration and email.

Another benefit of this application is the use of existing bank collateral, like mortgage brochures, which can be easily be tagged and recognized by Surface, to drive an interactive mortgage calculator experience. In addition, direct mail campaigns can integrate into the Surface experience by tagging the individual mailer items. When customers bring in the mailer campaigns, they receive a personalized experience. The integration with direct mail can drive increased traffic into bank branch locations. In addition, direct mail campaign conversions are measurable through the use of tracking and analytics built into the Surface application.


Another important purchasing decision around bank services is determining where bank branch and ATM locations exist within the community. Through the use of an interactive map, customers can be reassured that bank branch and ATM locations exist close to their home and workplace. Locations on the map provide additional information, including the street address and hours-of-operation of each branch.

Stay tuned for a future video regarding the strategy, user experience and technology considerations that went into making the Microsoft Surface Financial Services experience.

AT&T Retail Surface Experience Walkthrough

Jun 01, 2008 by in Experience Design, Microsoft Surface, Multi-touch, Portfolio, Technology

With an abundance of plan and phone choices, shopping for cell phone service can require a lot of time. However, this award-winning in-store solution streamlines the sales process by enabling customers to make informed decisions around wireless technologies. The solution combines Microsoft Surface technology with an innovative and engaging user interface. It is the first Surface application to be deployed and remains the largest deployment to date (50 tables in 12 stores).

Check out the video walkthrough of the AT&T Retail Surface Experience above. We provide an in-depth walkthrough of the experience and cover some of the environmental, user experience and technology considerations when developing applications for the Microsoft Surface platform.