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Mobile Display Advertising Gets Interesting

Oct 21, 2010 by in Advertising, Mobile


Mobile continues to demonstrate its growing importance with many different audiences. People are buying smartphones, texting like mad, and choosing the phone over the PC for web browsing at a surprising clip. All of this points to a need to take mobile ever more seriously. At the same time, the possibilities of mobile display advertising continue to evolve, most recently with mobile rich media formats bursting onto the scene. We’ve gathered some of the best examples of mobile rich media across a wide variety of platforms, networks, and 3rd party specialists – including the Razorfish-built iAd for JCPenney. Check it out.

Introducing the Razorfashion Retail Experience

May 15, 2009 by in Experience Design, Multi-touch, Portfolio, Touchscreen

Our team has developed an application built on the new Razorfish Touch Framework called Razorfashion. It demonstrates how we believe retailers can meet shoppers growing expectations for more engaging digital experiences in-store and provide a consistent, integrated experience across the multi-channel shopping ecosystem.

Watch the above video as we walk you through the Razorfashion experience.

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model photo credit: *katanaz-stock

Branded Mobile Applications

Feb 01, 2009 by in Mobile